Corporate Trainings and Motivational Seminars in Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Team Building

The training workshop has its focus upon building a team with high spirits to perform without any personal conflicts. To create oneness amongst all and working in harmony with one another towards fulfilling organisational goals. To work with mutual respect and cohesiveness while using each other’s unique abilities to achieve targets and high levels of customer service excellence. Outbound activities inspire all to take action beyond personal limits to touch the heights by working as one team.

team building

Communication Skills

Communication means two way process of expressing and exchanging information, news, ideas and feelings towards creating a common understanding. A  The training workshop focuses upon improving interpersonal communication skills, thereby enhancing productivity. A  Clear communication also eliminates scope of conflicts which may arise due to misunderstanding. The workshop inspires all to look beyond individual concerns to fulfill organisational goals.

communication skill

Leadership Skills

The transition phase of an individual from indulging himself into “how and when” questions to “what and why” is that of acquiring leadership skills. The leader relates to himself as a committed person and creator than a executor. The outbound activities during training workshop transform individuals to be responsible, to take the lead and to use innovative ways to fulfill the organisational concerns.

Businesswoman Addressing Multi-Cultural Office Staff Meeting

Time management

Time management training is about getting maximum done in minimum availabe time duration. Time Management Training is about proper planning, prioritising, organising, delegating, monitoring and improvising the tasks assigned within fixed frame of time. Proper time management leaves no room for stress, rather enhances the productivity of the individuals as well as that of the organisation too.

time management


Conflicts are nothing but a differnce of opinions. What generally lacks is the presence of a shared vision and common organisational goals. The moment a good manager thinking rationally recreates the same, all get realigned again. The workshop has clear focus upon creating the skill of assertiveness to handle the adverse situations with a holistic approach of creating a mutual understanding amongst one and all.

two young colleagues arguing over paperwork in office


At workplace and shopfloor, everyone is busy irrespective of achieving worthy goals. This workshop has clear objective upon shifting the focus from staying “Busy” to engage oneself into taking result producing actions. It provides modern tools and techniques to keep oneself highly effective and managing complete job without any stress. To be effecient in utilisation of resources, one has to plan and execute the day, week and month well in advance.

personal effectiveness


The Products to an organisation are like parts to the human body. Product training is not just imparting the knowledge and information of its features or its end use. Rather it includes complete understanding of markets, all the benefits which accrue to the customer (core, generic or augmented), competetion, technical features, method of use or application as well as capability to examine the customer specific needs.

Product Knowledge


Goal setting is the planning process of defining the targets to be achieved personally or professionally. The process includes defining long term and short term goals using S.M.A.R.T. Technique. Goal setting paves the way for Mission and Vision statements. It includes action plan, its analysis and improvisation. The training workshop focuses on setting goals and creating systems to achieve the same in the best interest of the organization.

goal setting


Soft skills include communication, language, listening, presentation, body language, negotiating, persuasion, human and people skills, positive attitude, etiquettes and social graces. The training workshop focuses upon overall wholistic development and proficiency of all the employees of the organisation to handle the situations at all times efficiently with high problem solving attitude.



Customer service comprises of number of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction provided before, during and after purchasing/using the goods/services, thereby creating the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectations. The training workshop focuses on inspiring all the employees to be committed to serve the customers as acquiring costs much more than retention of current customers.

customer service training


A meeting is called to be effective when it has a clear agenda informed to all well in advance, all the present actively participate without belittling anyone present or absent, contribute collectively towards fulfillment of agenda, giving respect to each other, considering the differences as each others’ opinions only, the person accountable takes the minutes properly and the meeting ends with a clear action plan.

effective meeting training


Negotiation refers to a process of bargaining between two or more parties devoting their time to exchange their views towards discovering a common ground and to conclude as an agreement to settle the matter/conflict which is of mutual concern, finalising the steps to crack the deal/contract. The training workshop focuses on enhancing the negotiating skills leaving no space for any fear/doubts.

Negotiating skill training