SPQ Spiritual Quotient

SPQ Spiritual Quotient

A person with a physical disability is disabled; one with low intelligence is in the state of intellectual disability or mental dementia; a person with emotional disorder is a psychopath and one who has no spiritual knowledge is an agnostic or atheists.

When PQ, IQ or EQ in a person are lacking or underdeveloped, it leads to an unhealthy and handicapped body and mind, a cause of concern to remedy which, may or may not be possible. Despite these defects, life goes on. But when the SQ is weak, due to ignorance it compels one to go against the stringent laws of nature or the laws of the controller of nature (GOD) and in that event, the consequences are disastrous. Due to ignorance of the laws of the country, a person may break them but the law does not spare him. In a similar way, when one breaks the laws of God, one is punished by repeated birth in this world of endless suffering. Therefore, humans, unlike animals, must know and follow the tenets of spirituality. Without spirituality, human being is nothing but two-legged animal trapped in the cycle of birth and death.


The spiritual quotient is the measure of the spiritual knowledge which informs you about-

  •  Who am I?
  •  What is this creation?
  •  Who is the Controller of this creation?
  •  What is my relationship with Him?
  •  What is death?
  •  What is reincarnation etc.
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